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Darwin Safety Switch Installation

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Older homes / buildings when built had fuse boxes installed. Fuse boxes are not designed to handle the load with all the modern appliances that people have in today’s world, so the circuits overload and repeatedly trip the circuits.  Every property should have their fuse box upgraded or replace to have circuit breakers converted to R.C.D. (Residual Current Device) protection.

By keeping your fuse box you are missing out in one of the most important safety features in your home, it is like not having a seat belt or air bags installed in your car! The circuit breaker set up which is installed in fuse boxes not only is out dated but in many cases does not trip the power under a fault situation as quick as people think. Therefore if a child or an adult sticks a knife in a toaster for example the power will not trip for some time and in result will kill a child and an adult before it disconnects the power. R.C.D Protection detects a number of faults in your property, including;

  • Faulty wiring (ant or rodent damage etc)
  • Faulty electrical fitting (power point, fans, switches)
  • Faulty appliances that are on the way out (fridges, microwave etc)

In summary it detects a fault from the circuit breaker itself, the wiring, the electrical fitting installed and whatever external appliance is plugged into your home.

When a home upgrades a circuit breaker only system, to R.C.D. Protection there is a high chance that if there is any faults in the cabling then a R.C.D. will detect it and trip out the power for safety reasons. If you do have faulty wiring this is why it is so important to convert to R.C.D protection, as you could possibly have a ticking time bomb in your home.

If you have the old style fuse box it is time to replace or upgrade it, to convert over with a R.C.D (Residual Circuit Device) protection.

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Smoke alarms save lives. Without them in your home, your risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher. Nearly half of all house fire deaths occur when people are sleeping.

Fire and Emergency Services recommends all homes are fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms (not ionization types).

Photoelectric smoke alarms are more effective than ionization types because they 'see' the smoke by detecting visible particles of combustion. For this reason, they are good at detecting smoldering fires and dense smoke and are not as prone to false alarms (from cooking etc.).

There are 2 kinds of photoelectric smoke alarms:

tick-icon-black 240-volt smoke alarms (also called 'hard-wired smoke alarms'). These are connected to the house electrical system and have  a battery back-up power supply

tick-icon-black 9-volt smoke alarms (also called 'battery-operated smoke alarms') are stand-alone battery operated alarms.

Legislation has also been brought in that if you sell or rent your property that all homes must be fitted with photoelectric smoke detectors before sale or renting - so don't wait until then, make your home safe now!

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