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Surge Protection

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Living in Darwin we are more susceptible to lighting strikes and electrical surges particular during wet season. When this occurs our beloved electrical items that we depend on daily are at risk of being damaged. The technical terms is call “electrical fusion”.

Majority of us have contents insurance that will cover the financial loss of replacing or repairing of these electrical appliances. It does not unfortunately remove the inconvenience of being without your electrical devices for an extended period of time while going thru the hassle of lodging the required insurance claim paperwork, your claim being processed and waiting for the new appliances or repairs to be carried out.

Are you now having any of these horrible visions:

– Losing the food contents in your fridge and or deep freezer?

– Having to go the neighbours or a laundry mat to do your laundry?

– Losing all your family photos / memories or financial records on your computer that you had not backed up externally?

– Cooking off the BBQ or takeaway for the next 3 weeks?

– In a constant layer of sweat because you have not air conditioning?

Why not avoid the drama and have a backup with surge diverter (also known as surge protection or surge arrester). A licensed electrician needs to install this on your switchboard. This device diverts any over-voltage spikes safely to the ground (through your earth stake) rather than through your appliances which is what causes the catastrophic damage to the electronic circuitry to home electrical appliances.

Like most things surge protection needs to be regularly checked as it can wear out. Particularly due the strength of Darwin’s lighting strikes and surges. It can normally take 2 to 3 normal “surges” before it has to be replaced or one really good hit of lightning – nothing is bullet proof. Nevertheless is it better the surge diverter takes the hit rather than your favourite electrical devices, as it won’t be an inconvenience to live without the temporary loss of surge diverter as it will be to have your Television. To check your surge protection in most types there is an indicator window that is green, this turns to yellow when it is depleting, and then red when it is no longer effective.

So before the next storm get piece of mind & contact us to install surge protection on your property!


Smoke alarms save lives. Without them in your home, your risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher. Nearly half of all house fire deaths occur when people are sleeping.

Fire and Emergency Services recommends all homes are fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms (not ionization types).

Photoelectric smoke alarms are more effective than ionization types because they 'see' the smoke by detecting visible particles of combustion. For this reason, they are good at detecting smoldering fires and dense smoke and are not as prone to false alarms (from cooking etc.).

There are 2 kinds of photoelectric smoke alarms:

tick-icon-black 240-volt smoke alarms (also called 'hard-wired smoke alarms'). These are connected to the house electrical system and have  a battery back-up power supply

tick-icon-black 9-volt smoke alarms (also called 'battery-operated smoke alarms') are stand-alone battery operated alarms.

Legislation has also been brought in that if you sell or rent your property that all homes must be fitted with photoelectric smoke detectors before sale or renting - so don't wait until then, make your home safe now!

Contact K&J Burns the electrical experts for a free quote to install a smoke alarm or convert to photoelectric today!


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