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Air Conditioner Servicing (A/C)

It is recommend that you get you’re A/C serviced professionally every 6 – 12 months depending on your usage (minimum once a year). Not regularly servicing your A/C affects the performance of the A/C and increases your power bill. To prevent this we recommend getting your A/C serviced to have your unit running cost efficiently and prevent unnecessary wear and tear / breakdowns.

Our 6 step servicing procedure includes:

  1. Check & clean all covers & filters
  2. Check drains don’t have any blockages & make  sure clear outside
  3. Check running pressures of system (gas charge)
  4. Check Amp draw
  5. Clean outdoor coil
  6. Clean indoor coil & fan

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced in a while don’t worry we can have you’re A/C serviced and running like new in no time at all, just call our friendly reception team on (08) 89471920 and they will work with you to get you booked in at a time that is convenient to you.

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